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Font used:

for the title: Monotype Corsiva
for the buttons: Courier New

Color codes

text = #1D3216
link = #E6B2B2
alink/hover = #E6B2B2
vlink = #C0C0C0

I use a transparent gif for aligning any text or graphic, if you have never heard about that technique I invite you to visit my TIP page!

This layout has been built with tables, if you are unfamiliar with tables, you may go to in order to have yours constructed or you may simply copy my pages and replace my text by yours. The HTML page and all the graphics are included in a downloadable zip file.

The frame is done with different graphics that are used as the background of the TD cells of a table set to a percentage, that way the layout is expandable and fits all resolutions.

The links on the left are done with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). CSS are controlling the background, the fonts and the scroll bar as well. All the codes are in a separate file (rev-styles.css) linked to this html page, you will have to upload it into the same directory where your index.html is!

This box is done with CSS too, neat huh? CSS are pretty easy to use once you have grasped how they work, if you are unfamiliar with CSS UI invite you to visit this very useful resource: Lissa explains it all.

I provide a blank graphic for the title saved in the bmp format, once your text is written, save the graphic in the gif format.


The line above is done with a graphic that is used as the background of the TD cell of a table set to 100%.

Like all the other linkware sets, this one can be used exclusively if you buy it for $80. Sets are sold on a first come, first served basis, and once your order is processed your set is no longer available for purchase from Eye For Beauty. You can buy your template via the secure server

The credit for the brushes used for the graphic on the left goes to:

Vbrush and

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